New studies in deontic logic : norms, actions, and the foundations of ethics / edited by Risto Hilpinen
(Synthese library ; v. 152)

出版者 Dordrecht, Holland ; Boston : D. Reidel Pub. Co.
出版者 Hingham, MA : Sold and distributed in the U.S.A. and Canada by Kluwer Boston
出版年 c1981
大きさ ix, 256 p. ; 23 cm
本文言語 英語
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総合図-A棟5階 研究用図書
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内容注記 On the logic of norms and actions / Georg Henrik von Wright
The paradoxes of deontic logic / Hector-Neri Castañeda
Quantificational reefs in deontic waters / David Makinson
The expressive conception of norms / Carlos E. Alchourrön and Eugenio Bulygin
Hierarchies of regulations and their logic / Carlos E. Alchourrön and David Makinson
Non-kripkean deontic logic / Peter K. Schotch and Raymond E. Jennings
Deontic logic as founded on tense logic / Richmond H. Thomason
Deontic logic and the role of freedom in moral deliberation / Richmond H. Thomason
Some theorems about a "tree" system of deontic tense logic / Lennart Aqvist and Jaap Hoepelman
The emergence of deontic logic in the fourteenth century / Simo Knuuttila
一般注記 includes bibliographical references and indexes
著者標目 Hilpinen, Risto
件 名 LCSH:Deontic logic -- Addresses, essays, lectures  この組合せで検索
分 類 LCC:BC145
巻冊次 ISBN:9027712786
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