The ethics of protocells : moral and social implications of creating life in the laboratory / edited by Mark A. Bedau and Emily C. Parke
(Basic bioethics series)

出版者 Cambridge, Mass. ; London : MIT Press
出版年 c2009
大きさ x, 365 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
本文言語 英語
書誌ID 2004114870


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内容注記 Introduction to the ethics of protocells / Mark A. Bedau and Emily C. Parke
New technologies, public perceptions, and ethics / Brian Johnson
Social and ethical implications of creating artificial cells / Mark A. Bedau and Mark Triant
The acceptability of the risks of protocells / Carl Cranor
The precautionary principle and its critics / Emily C. Parke and Mark A. Bedau
A new virtue-based understanding of the precautionary principle / Per Sandin
Ethical dialogue about science in the context of a culture of precaution / Bill Durodié
The creation of life in cultural context : from spontaneous generation to synthetic biology / Joachim Schummer
Second life : some ethical issues in synthetic biology and the recapitulation of evolution / Laurie Zoloth
Protocell patents : property between modularity and emergence / Alain Pottage
Protocells, precaution, and open-source biology / Andrew Hessel
The ambivalence of protocells : challenges for self-reflexive ethics / Brigitte Hantsche-Tangen
Open evolution and human agency : the pragmatics of upstream ethics in the design of artificial life / George Khushf
Human practices : interfacing three modes of collaboration / Paul Rabinow and Gaymon Bennett
This is not a hammer : on ethics and technology / Mickey Gjerris
Toward a critical evaluation of protocell research / Christine Hauskeller
Methodological considerations about the ethical and social implications of protocells / Giovanni Boniolo
一般注記 Includes bibliographical references and index
著者標目 Bedau, Mark
Parke, Emily C.
件 名 LCSH:Artificial cells -- Research -- Moral and ethical aspects  この組合せで検索
分 類 DC22:174.957
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